We are a full stack IT & business solutions provider. Devlib works closely with you and your business to identify and implement effective solutions, tailored to your organization.


We have clients, colleagues and assignments across the world. Our HQ is in Stockholm and the majority of our work happens in Europe.


You know your business better than anyone. We like to start from there.

Next, we'll tell you a bit more of the things we know - tailored IT development, web sites and applications, Office 365 and account migration, large scale events and project management, RFID and payment solutions, Amazon Web Services and the cloud... and so on.

From there, and throughout the rest of our collaboration, we'll help your team implement and adapt new tools and ideas, while monitoring the progress to fine tune our workflows.

Devlib AB is a Microsoft 1-Tier Cloud Solution Provider (Direct CSP): a reseller of Office 365, Intune, Dynamics 365/CRM, Azure and more.
We provide professional consultancy for Amazon Web Services (AWS) and cloud migration planning through certified solutions architects.

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